Bookkeeping for Wholesalers & House Flippers

We Create Order From Chaos

Have you been using the “shoebox method” of bookkeeping? Are you tired of the paperwork from your accounting records? Do you often lose receipts? We can turn all that clutter into a cloud-based record that will remain in good order for as long as you need it. No more searching for a transaction receipt in a pile of paper. You will be able to easily find what you need on your computer or even your smartphone.


We know that for you, time is money. You aren’t making money if you are spending your time trying to be a bookkeeper. Use your time and resources wisely. Hire REI Bookkeepers so you can get out of the office and back to building your business and making money! With a low-level QuickBooks subscription, we can:

  • Clean up, reconcile, or even recreate your financial records
  • Enter and categorize income and expenses for each of your deals
  • Isolate and understand your RO for each deal
  • Track your expenses to maximize tax deductions 
  • Deliver accurate, detailed reports to your lenders, business partners, and tax advisors
  • And More

Don’t Leave Deductions Laying on the Floor

Tracking your expenses accurately will benefit you come tax time. And with solid bookkeeping, you would have the overwhelming anxiety many people experience when it is time to file with the IRS. If you have to pay each year, you will be prepared, thanks to knowing the numbers. You can even set aside the tax money since there will be no surprises on your tax bill!

House Flippers

As a house flipper, you have your hands full! You need to track things like

  • Mileage
  • Materials
  • Inspectors
  • Fees for buying and selling
  • Payments to Work Crews
  • Profitability of each property
  • The list could get long…

All of these things and more must be tracked for the duration of your ownership of each property.

We’ve Got Your Bookkeeping Covered

You can rest easy knowing that we will enter all your receipts into your QuickBooks subscription and keep your ledgers up to date. As real estate investors and CPAs, we are well versed in bookkeeping for property management companies. We know what your tax planner will want and expect to see when you give them your book. We will review your entire portfolio to ensure that your reconciliation reports are up-to-date and that your cash balances cover all liabilities.

Give Up the Shoebox Method of Bookkeeping

We can get your financial records in order and maintain them. You will always be prepared for tax time and for the next deal!