We Serve Real Estate Investors

How REI Bookkeepers Can Help Real Estate Investors

As real estate investors, we understand the complexities of your business. We also know that managing your deals and your finances can be a juggling act. So, while you are working on your business, your books are getting messier. 

That can be overwhelming when it comes time to do your taxes, refinance, or sell your property. It can even cause problems when you want to buy another property and need to show your books to the lender. This is when a professional bookkeeper like REI can really come to the rescue.

What Can I Expect From REI Bookkeepers?

When You work with REI Bookkeepers, you can expect professionalism, confidentiality, and respect. We will take a customized approach to meet your needs.

When we first clean up or recreate your financials, we will enter and reconcile all income and expenses to give you the most accurate picture of your business both as a whole and for each of your properties. 

Once you have a clean slate, you may want to take over managing your books. If you do, we offer QuickBooks training, included with a clean-up. Another option is to eliminate the burden of bookkeeping completely and continue to have us provide monthly services. It is up to you.

We Provide Customized Service
to Each of Our Clients


Because you may own, maintain, and rent out multiple properties over a long period of time, your financial records are more complicated to manage. That’s why professional bookkeeping services are essential. With a higher-level QuickBooks subscription, we can organize your income statement by class. We organize the data so that you can see the profitability of each property you own on a single report.

House Flippers

We can give you a low-level QuickBooks subscription which will track the profitability of each deal you make. Each property you own will continue to be tracked for as long as it is on your balance sheet.


We can clean up your financial records and provide you with a low-level QuickBooks subscription that will track the profitability of each deal you make.

Limited Partner Investors

We offer limited partner investors a simple solution that tracks the money you’ve invested in individual deals.


We offer a simple solution to track your commissions and expenses.

We Provide You With the Tools To Take Your Business Further

The time and energy we save you in bookkeeping tasks, you can spend making an extra deal or two each year. In this way, our service pays for itself!