Our Process & FAQ

Working With a Professional Bookkeeper Has Never Been Easier

  1. The first step is to schedule a discovery call. You can do this by contacting us or by scheduling an appointment using Calendly.
  2. Next, we will have a discovery call. This is a Zoom call during which we will talk about your investments. We will also discuss your bookkeeping strategies up to this point and how REI Bookkeepers can help. This discussion will help us determine the time it will take to clean up or establish your financial records.
  3. Within a week of the discovery call, we will send you a proposal which we will discuss on another Zoom call. We will answer any questions you might have at that time. All of our correspondence will be done online, simplifying things for you and your schedule.
  4. If you decide to work with us, we will send you a letter of engagement.
  5. Most clients start by having us clean up their books. As we clean up your financial records, we reconcile all income and expenses and enter this data into QuickBooks software. 
  6. Once your financials are cleaned up and in good order, you will have a fresh start! You may be relieved to hand over your monthly bookkeeping to us on an ongoing basis. Or, you may decide to take over the maintenance of your financial records yourself. We include QuickBooks training with your clean-up. We can make your ongoing bookkeeping as automated as you like.

It’s Easy To Get Started

We provide a free consultation via telephone or video conference to discuss your current financials, your needs, and your expectations. Then, with your approval, we will give you a formal proposal.

How much do you charge for your services?

Every client’s situation and needs are unique, so we look at each individual case to determine what we will charge. The best way to find out what our services would cost you is to schedule a free consultation with us.

What bookkeeping software do you use?

We work exclusively with QuickBooks Online. We recommend Gusto for your payroll needs.

Do you provide accounting services?

Bookkeeping is the primary service that we provide. However your books will be reviewed by a CPA
every month, which effectively upgrades your bookkeeping services to an “outsourced controller”
level service. One of the benefits to having this level of expertise is that we have a better
understanding of the tax implications of your financial affairs. As real estate investors, we also
understand how to help you meet your specific investment goals.

What is the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant?


  • Set up a chart of accounts
  • Create a process for invoicing tenants for rent and posting receipts
  • Track payments made to vendors and charge the right account
  • Monitor automatic recurring payments
  • Reconcile bank statements and vendor invoices to create a paper trail 


  • Understand property income and expenses, profits and losses, and gains in asset value
  • Manage money to help maximize profits
  • Know what to look for when performing a financial audit or analysis
  • Meet business regulations, tax collection, and remittance requirements 
  • Preparing reports for quarterly and year-end tax filing and meeting tax due dates

As a landlord, why do I need a good bookkeeping system?

There are three main aspects of the rental property business that affect the bottom line:

  • Maximizing Revenue and Income
  • Control of Spending and Expenses 
  • Owner’s Equity

A good real estate bookkeeping system helps a landlord keep track of these to make better decisions and never miss an opportunity.

Can I insure my real estate investments?

Yes, and you should! We recommend the National Real Estate Insurance Group as a resource to insure your real estate investment portfolio.

Is It Worth It To Hire a Professional Bookkeeper?

Yes! Consider the time and energy we save you in bookkeeping tasks you can spend making an extra deal or two each year. Plus, because we are bookkeeping experts, we can avoid common errors that most people make. Thus, our services often pay for themselves.